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With the current online landscape, getting the attention of potential customers is more important than ever before.

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Blogging is one of the best ways for new visitors to not only learn more about the given article topic but also acts as a chance to link and reference other content on your blog, further increasing your search engine benefits.

Just as a website is practically necessary for a company’s growth into the online space. A lively and active blog serves a solid foundation from which to build your inbound marketing approach. While the hassle of either writing a blog post or finding someone too can seem intimidating at first, the benefits of a blog aren’t temporary. A successful and thoughtful blog can continue to answer potential customer’s questions and act to give you credibility in the industry long after the blog’s original date (as long as the information remains current!). Blogs can also take some pressure off your social media schedule as it’s often a very good idea to link/post your new blog on your various social media. A blog sounds can be a magical marketing tool: it improves SEO, drives conversions, and lasts as long as the information is relevant, however, like most everything else in marketing, growth takes time. The sustainability and longevity of blogs really means that as time passes, you should be connecting your blogs to one another (where relevant), and this compounding effect is where the true strength and strategy for blogging comes into play. As this sort of article-webbing drastically increases a website's SEO and internal link-building while constantly refreshing readers on older content.

When deciding whether it’s worth it for your company to invest into either purchasing blogging services or taking the time to write them yourself, it’s important to look at what your competitors are doing. If you do not have a blog then when compared to close competitors who do, you’re often losing market share even if you have a superior product or service.

Alright, now that you’re sold on the benefits of starting a blog, where to start? The golden rule when it comes to blogging is that you should try to answer questions that your audience/potential customers are asking. Ideally it’s a question or topic that hasn’t been covered before, but with the widespread use of blogging throughout many industries this can often be impossible. In which case, if a couple other companies have already written blogs, no worries! You can always try to bring a newer or more succinct take on the existing information available. After all, every industry is constantly evolving. Many other companies have done research into how many words the optimal word length a blog should be, but both in writing college essays as well as in blogging, don’t force yourself to include “fluffy” or unnecessary words just in an attempt to increase the length of your post. This type of content often won't age as well as a genuine and straightforward blog that answers your audience’s questions and gives critical information.

A blog has quite a few advantages, and should be a crucial piece in any company's inbound marketing strategy. A blog will increase the internal link building of your website and, subsequently, improve your website’s SEO. Can be intertwined with your social media and advertising. And it can help turn your site visitors into leads. I know a blog can sound overwhelming, but it is a vital component of strong digital marketing.

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