Our Story

We started in December 2019 as a group of high school teens looking for a company to partner with for our business competition. After learning more about the digital marketing industry we discovered a gap: virtually no mid-tier agencies existed serving small to medium size businesses.

Our founders, new to the field, were shocked by the practices of the industry. Only large enterprises got access to the most capable marketing platforms. This meant small and medium businesses lacked the tools they needed to run effective marketing. So instead of building just a regular marketing agency, we set out on a new mission: to enable companies of all sizes to grow.

We're teens, we've grown up around social media and we know how to bring more followers, more views, and more clicks to your posts and websites. In the twenty-first century, having an active and engaging social media presence has an enormous effect on how you and your brand are perceived online, and Mintere can help you to the top.


Chief Executive Officer - Ben Aubin

Since beginning his entrepreneurial journey at age 12, Ben has been advising, designing, and coding his way up to the top of the startup industry.


Chief Operations Officer - Caiden Trivedi

Born surrounded by leaders in business, Caiden is a natural with sales, numbers, and digital marketing. Due to his ambitious nature, Caiden was able to Co-found a local DECA chapter and place 2nd in the southern region subsequently qualifying for Nationals with fellow board members Darayus and Ben.


Chief Marketing Officer - Darayus Parakh

A born problem-solver, Darayus immediately fell in love with the interworkings of the business industry. This pushed him to co-found a DECA chapter at his school, eventually placing 2nd in the Southern Region out of over 400 students in only his first year of competition. He is determined to make a difference in his local community through utilizing his invaluable skills in both marketing and branding.


Chief Technology Officer - Andrew Carter

Andrew is a sophomore at UTD majoring in computer science. He's a natural at building startups due to his involvement with MoolahU and is constantly pushing the bounds of website innovation and creativity through his projects at Mintere.