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Aiding a manufacturing company in innovating the geo textiles industry through expert website design.

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Great Lakes Lining is a business providing a unique perspective on the functions and operations of a GEO textile company. Primed with an incredible product, only one thing was stopping them: their website. Partnered with Mintere, Great Lakes Lining was able to dramatically alter their brand presence and beat out the competitors on design, functionality, and impressions.

We were able to generate over additional site visits when compared to the previous Great Lakes Lining website. The mobile-friendly site enabled a greater online presence due to the increased SEO advantage thus bolstering an already thriving business.

"The entire Mintere team was very easy to work with. They provided both technical expertise with firm data backing their decisions and thought processes. They laid a plan out prior to kick-off which helped us feel more comfortable with the direction we were taking with the launch and continued development of our new website and digital campaign."

- Jimmie Eloff, CEO

Jimmie Eloff, CEO

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